Bosomtwe Rural Bank Limited was established in an answer to an appeal made to help alleviate the suffering of the farmers of Kuntanase and surrounding villages at the time when they had to travel long distances of over 48 kilometers virtually on foot to cash their Akuafo Cheques at Ghana Commercial Bank, Bekwai Branch, the bank nearer them at the time.

The Bank was incorporated in Ghana in November 1981 and authorized to carry on the business of banking under the Banking Act 1970 (Act 339) on 9th December, 1982 with a share capital of Seven hundred and fifty Ghana Cedis (GHS 750.00) raised by 860 Shareholders.

In support, the Bank of Ghana contributed additional One hundred and twenty five Ghana Cedis (GHS 125.00) in the form of non-voting redeemable preferences shares. The Bank has since inception achieved unprecedented growth.


We offer banking services that help people and companies to succeed